My Favorite Magic – Post #2

I am posting some of my favorite magic tricks of all time. You can see my first post of the great Hans Moretti “Cardboard Box” illusion by clicking right here.

Today’s trick is from one my favorite close-up magicians named Tony Slydini who is arguably the greatest slight of hand magician of all time. Slydini was an Italian magician who was named by the legendary Dai Vernon as “the only magician who could ever fool me.”

The trick you are about to watch is called “The Helicopter Card” and it is an incredibly difficult trick to perform. Virtually no magician today, except one man (D.Angelo Ferri), who was a Slydini pupil, will even attempt this trick due to it’s difficult level.

Here is what’s amazing about this trick. First of all, there is no way you will “catch” Slydini the first time you see it. It is impossible – you will definitely be fooled. But second, even if you rewatch the trick 100 times, you might “figure out” when he does what he has to do just by process of elimination, but you will never see it or know how he does it. I’ve watched this so many times and it just keeps getting better.

Enjoy Slydini and the Helicopter Card!