Fully God. Fully Man.

Gregory of Nazianzus, the 4th century Cappadocian Father, provides a beautiful picture of the power of Christ’s divinity while maintaining the limitations of Christ’s humanity. This excerpt is from “The Third Theological Oration: On The Son.”

Lord Jesus Christ,
we bless you and praise you
because you were baptised as man-
but you forgave as God.

You were tempted as man-
but you conquered as God.

You hungered-
but you fed thousands.
Yes, you are the Bread that gives life;
you are the Bread that is of heaven.

You thirsted-
but you cried out,
“Let anyone who is thirsty
come to me and drink” (John 7:37)

You became weary;
but you are the rest of those
who are weary and heavy laden.

You were called demon-possessed-
but the demons acknowledged you,
and you drove them out.

You prayed-
but you hear prayer.

You wept-
but you caused tears to cease.

You asked where Lazarus was laid, for you are man-
but you raised Lazarus, for you are God.

You were silent like a lamb-
but you are the Word.

You died-
but you give life.

You were buried-
but you rose again.

You ascended to heaven,
and shall come again to judge the living and the dead.

*Taken in part from Tim Chester’s Lenten devotional, “An Ocean of Grace.”