Send St. Louis – Days 3-4

So things have been pretty busy in St. Louis and I am getting another update online just as we are returning from our trip. All of us are tired and glad to be back home, but we had a wonderful time.

Wednesday brought another day of construction work at August Gate – lots of dry-walling and sanding was taking place while Adam Lipps was running around doing as much electrical as possible. The entire team went and saw the church Wednesday morning so that we could all visualize the work that was happening. Another team spent some time canvasing in an area in Belleville in anticipation of VBS later that evening. The hours spent in the evening at Citizens Park in Belleville were so encouraging. Our people were teaching their hearts out! I’m so proud of our folks for their determination to share the gospel with these precious children who might never hear it anywhere else. 

On Thursday night of VBS, I was able to spend about an hour with a gentleman named Bob. Bob was a believer but was desperately seeking someone to share some difficult experiences in his life with, so we sat at a picnic table and just shared with each other. It was a neat atmosphere to listen and love on someone, right in the middle of all these kids learning about Jesus. 

I did manage to lock the keys in the van once at the park, but thankfully we had another set of keys so we didn’t have to break out the coat hangers. Garden Heights Baptist Church was so gracious to host us for the week and it provided a perfect central location for our teams to eat dinner and be together.

We have pictures and video that will be online shortly. In the meantime, we are thankful that God provided a great opportunity for us and are looking forward to continuing a relationship with these great churches.


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