NAMB Week of Prayer 2011

A wonderful addition to your family worship time in the home or for your personal prayer time each day is to remember the North American missionaries serving with the North American Mission Board (NAMB).  This week is the 2011 Week of Prayer for North American missions and each day a missionary family is highlighted for us as Christians and as Baptists to pray for.  You can follow the link below to read about the missionaries and know more specifically how you can pray.  This is one of those areas that crosses all political, theological, and ideological lines; who could possibly disagree that praying for brothers and sisters in the mission field is a harmful thing?  So, whether you are Southern Baptist, Independent, CBF, Missionary, or even a different denomination all together (or non-denominational), add these names to your prayer list this week and let’s pray for the Lord’s work to continue and to prosper.

Click Here to see the 2011 Week of Prayer Missionaries.        

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