My Top Ten Thoughts of the Day

This blog post is in response to a request from my wife, Andi.  You can read her top ten thoughts here

So, here are my random thoughts for Ash Wednesday.

1.  I am thinking of starting a “Jedidiah Is A Good Name” fan club.  Who is with me?

2.  When I walked into my office after worship tonight, I had 10,000 sticky notes plastered all over my stuff from students.  Love manifests itself in the strangest of ways.

3.  It was the students, not the adults, who knew what YHWH meant.

4.  Thanks to an impromptu conversation, I have gotten back into magic (I used to perform when I was in high school).  My Horror Collectible&Movie Watching Room is now the Horror Collectible, Magic, & Movie Watching Room.  It is a work in progress, but looking awesome.

5.  My brother and I just spent 30 minutes playing a Wii game online together (Monster Hunter) and seriously accomplished absolutely nothing.

6.  Andi is pregnant and her eyes are glowing, even though she is puking all day long.  I love seeing her so happy.

7.  “Now You See Him” is the best Columbo.  Or is it “Any Old Port In A Storm?”

8.  I love talking to my sister on the phone – her level of theological comprehension is rapidly growing every day.

9.  Thundarr the Barbarian totally rules.

10.  I am on a 40 day fast from procrastination.  I have spent two days now faithfully eating better, on a regular schedule, drinking tons of protein, and working out.  In 40 days I expect to gain 15 pounds. 

Have a blessed day!    

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