Evergreen, CO

Last night I let my church family at Graefenburg Baptist Church know that I was accepting a call at First Baptist Church, Evergreen, CO.  These kinds of things are always very difficult and Graefenburg has been a tremendous place of service during my time at seminary in Louisville.  I will miss the teenagers and the church dearly.

Andi and I (and Callie Grace) are excited about our new home.  My position, among other things, will involve the education and equipping of parents to be the primary spiritual influence on their children.  That is a responsibility that has been dumped on the church for far too long.  Churches have become notorious for emphasis on individual ministries such as children’s, youth, adult, and senior adult, but have failed to unify these ministries into one body.  So, you can have parents and children never seeing each other during their time at church once they leave the car in the parking lot.  That has to change.

I will also beginning pursuing my Ph.D while in Colorado, another aspect of my future that I am excited about.  I will be telling you plenty more about all these things in the future.  Be praying for us, the good people at Graefenburg Baptist Church, and our new home at FBC Evergreen.  More to come.   

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  1. all i can say is that i am just sad for us but happy 4 u all. I am praying for FBC of Evergreen CO and your family as you make the transition and move.

  2. It’s one of the saddest days GBC will ever experience. To let go of Philip,Andi,and now Callie Grace to another church. I’m from GBC Springfield and it was a rough time for us. I assure you at Graefenburg that you will never really lose Philip and his family. He will always be in your mind and heart, and you in his. Myself and many others still talk about the times we shared with them, the BEST. I pray for Graefenburg during this time and also FBC during the joy they are about to receive. God certainly uses Philip and his family where ever they are.
    More so I pray for Philip in his continuous work for the Lord, and pray for ultimate safety and guidance on his family’s next path of life. Full fill your dreams and goals.
    We Love You,
    Alan, Sarah, Abby, and Mason
    P.S.GLORY! It’s only a circle man.

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