My Brother’s Birthday

I have been extraordinarily blessed with a wonderful brother and sister.  Their names are Gary (you may know him as Rex) and Melissa (although I have called her Missy since I was old enough to talk).  I have a special relationship with both my brother and sister and trying to write about how I relate to them is a difficult thing to do; it is much better experienced than penned.  Nevertheless, today is my brother’s birthday so I’m going to try and say a few things.  None of this may make sense, but that’s ok.

In some ways there may not be two people more different than me and my brother.  We espouse a radically different worldview that leaves us making decisions for radically different reasons.  On virtually every social issue he is to the left and I am to the right.  He prefers modern (or perhaps post-modern?) interior design and furniture and I prefer a fireplace and recliner.  He thinks Sean Connery is the greatest Bond of all time, I hold fast to Roger Moore.  When it comes to things of faith and religion, we find ourselves on different sides of the isle.

And yet we are incredibly alike.

Describing our similarities is where things get difficult to put in words.  Oh sure, I could mention some easy things.  We both love seafood, especially lobster tail.  We both love theme parks.  We both love Sherlock Holmes and Columbo (he influenced me on those!).  We both agree that Alec Baldwin is the superior Jack Ryan over Harrison Ford (we are the only two people in the world perhaps to think that!).  We both will stop changing the channel if we come across Blazing Saddles, Roadhouse, or Vacation. 

But it is in deeper waters where our similarities are really so special.  Although we may end up with different conclusions, our minds nevertheless process things in a similar way.  Put us in any given situation and we will most likely be thinking the same thing.  And even still there is another level to our bond that is near impossible to describe.  All I can do is reference the red laser pointer situation on the back street of Gatlinburg, TN and everything will make sense.  Well, at least to me and Gary it will, all of you will be clueless of course.  I suppose to some degree, that is the way it should be.

So, in an attempt to keep things simple, let me say this.  I’m so thankful I have my brother in my life.  It is 9:30 am.  By noon I will have spoken to him on the phone.  Probably twice.  We will laugh today about something my dad did, we will quote a line from a movie we like, I will call him with 80’s music trivia, and we will discuss something fairly important about life.  I’m glad he will be around today. 


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4 Replies to “My Brother’s Birthday”

  1. Thanks, Phil. That post is certainly true. Anyone that is around us for any period of time is usually amazed at the interesting dichotomy (different yet similar) you mention in the post. Look forward to seeing you again soon.

  2. You’re absolutely right, Gary’s a special guy. I’m blessed to have him as my friend, and back in my life after a number of years away. And I’m blessed to count you as a friend now, as well.

    Be strong and courageous!

  3. Oh, one more thing. You guys need to create a couple of custom “Rex and the” shirts – one that you wear with an arrow pointing to the right that says, “I’m with Rex” and one he wears with an arrow pointing to the left that says, “I’m with The Beast”.

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