’s Kindle and Albert Mohler

When I was making application to the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, I very quickly became acquainted with the near iconic presence and legend of Al Mohler.  For many, Mohler’s presence at SBTS is one of the sad turning points for the educational institution and the SBC as a whole.  For others, he embodies hope and confidence for the future of the SBC.  Part of the “legend” of Al Mohler revolves around the number of books this guy reads in a week.  I will never forget my visit to SBTS as a prospective student.  During lunch, the conversation was dominated by Dr. Mohler’s reading habits.  As best as I can tell from a consensus of all the various conversations and Mohler’s own brief words on the topic, he reads around one book a day, sometimes more depending on the circumstance.  He has admitted to picking up his book while being stopped at a traffic light or waiting in line at the grocery store.  Hardcore man.

So, I was interested to read his thoughts on the Kindle,’s popular piece of technology that allows the owner to download books in a matter of seconds.  The jury is still out as to whether or not I want to invest in a Kindle, although the prices of books is substantially cheaper, in some cases almost unbelievable.  For example, the entire set of Calvin’s commentaries (who would ever want those, right?) is available in hardback mode for multiple of hundreds of dollars.  The price for the Kindle?  .99 cents.  Yep, .99 cents. 

Anyway, if you are interested, take a look at what Dr. Mohler says about his experience with the Kindle.  Love him or hate him, he definitely knows a whole lot about books and reading, more than most of us put together. 

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