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I want to let readers of PhilipMeade.com know about an exciting and challenging endeavor that Andi and I will be undertaking beginning August 1st.  We are going to read completely through the Bible in 90 days.  I certainly do not have any expectations about anyone joining us in this endeavor, but in case you are interested, here are my thoughts.

The Pros:

  • Reading through the Bible in 90 days is obviously a very short time, but that is a positive counter to the attempts of many to read through the Bible in a year which provides much more time for distraction and failure.
  • Reading through the Bible in 90 days will allow us to take in and digest a broader range of Scripture, and thus get a better perspective on the ongoing biblical narrative. This is more difficult to do when reading just a chapter or two a day.
  • Reading through the Bible in 90 days will provide an amazing series of opportunities for us to resist the temptation to quit and be distracted.  Make no mistake, the evil one will begin pouring it on.
  • Reading through the Bible in 90 days will force us to rearrange our time management to be able to spend more time in God’s Word.

The Cons:

  • Reading through the Bible in 90 days will not allow for proper meditation and study of Scripture; there is simply too much to take in.  Those disciplines should not be removed from our weekly calendar, but perhaps spread out in ways that are still beneficial.  For example, I am currenty working through the book of Acts, chapter by chapter, with a trusted commentary.  I spend much more time meditating and wrestling with verses than I will be able to do with the 90 day reading plan.
  • Reading through the Bible in 90 days should not be equated with immediate spirituality.  It is the living and application of the Word that brings those things about.  So, there is a danger of this becoming a legalistic activity. 

Andi and I will begin on August 1st.  If you would like to join us in this journey, then send me an email through the contact link above and I will send you the reading plan that we are going to be using, as well as put your name on our prayer list.  I will, of course, be blogging about our experience and would love to keep in touch with those who are following with me so that our collective experiences can be shared.

Finally, I have no doubt that God blesses the reading of His word.  I can’t wait to begin this experience with my family.  Want to join me?

Soli Deo Gloria

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