In Case You Missed It – 6/5/14

Here are a few links you might have missed over the past several days:

Evernote Essentials on Amazon:  Finally, the best selling and by far the most helpful book on using Evernote is now available on Kindle. This book by Brett Kelly used to be available only through Brett’s website, which is how I purchased it, but you can now grab it on your Kindle. If you use Evernote or are interested, you need this.

Speaking of  Looks like their smartphone will be unveiled on June 18.

What is the Southern Baptist Convention?:  Need a good intro to the SBC? Here is a great one.

Prisoner of War exchanges and ethics:  This mathematical formula seems a little strange, but this is an interesting read from Joe Carter.

The Swap and the Cross:  Another good article on considering the cross as we ponder the prisoner exchange. and Publishing Companies:  Looks like I’m hung up on articles this time, but this is an interesting read about the complicated business of book publishing.