In Case You Missed It – 10/5/13

Pain and Suffering – Joni Eareckson Tada provides a stunning review of Tim Keller’s new book.

Public School Even An Option? – This article by Albert Mohler offers a stronger opinion against public schools than my own convictions. Nevertheless, it is worth a read.

Is A Deacon More Than “Just” A Servant? – “the “just a servant” question misses a key point. The question is not whether a deacon serves (the very meaning of the word, along with the biblical task assigned, makes that clear). The question is how he serves.

Devastating Arguments Against Christianity – Most of the arguments we hear against or for the truthfulness of Christianity have been rehashed so many times over the years they have become cliched and are not very helpful. Whether or not this little article does a good job debunking some of the “devastating” arguments against Christianity is a matter of opinion, but it is an interesting read nonetheless.

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