Why Madonna’s Halftime Show Was Terrific

Super Bowl XLVI did not disappoint. Anytime the game is on the line with the final drive in the 4th quarter, we should be happy. Equally satisfying was the halftime show performed by Madonna. After her performance I posted on my Facebook page that I thought it was the best halftime show in years. The ensuing comments ranged from calling me delusional to overwhelming agreement. Here are a few reasons why I believe Madonna scored an A+:

1. She was smiling. Madonna genuinely looked like she was having fun. Throughout the majority of the performance she had a sweet smile on her face and avoided pretending that this was 70,000 people who came just to see her sing. This did not look like a girl who had anything to prove. That went a long way in my book.

2. She had a heavily choreographed show. The last few years we have been treated to more of a “free form” odyssey of sorts from the performers. I was glad to see an incredibly choreographed performance just like it should be from the grand stage of the Super Bowl. The lighting effects on the floor were mind-boggling and synched beautifully with the music. The beginning of “Vogue” was breathtaking.

3. She performed significant portions of the songs. Some Super Bowl artists try to get several tunes into a 10-12 minute set and only sing 20 seconds of each song. Madonna resisted the urge and had a nice blending of old and new while maintaining the integrity of each song. Having said that, I would have loved to see “Into The Groove” make the set. (or “Live To Tell”, my favorite Madonna song and one of the most reflective songs ever, but I knew that had no chance.)

4. There was little to no sexual content. Madonna was heavily clothed the entire performance and apart from a few pelvic thrusts (nothing that Elvis would not have done), the show was pretty darn clean. Apparently someone flipped a middle finger, which I missed and read about today, but the show was very watchable.

5. Her voice was sensational. I am pretty sure that a portion of the show was lip synced. . .I’m not sure how she could not have any breathing issues during the entirety of the set, but there is no question that a portion was live as well. Madonna sounds better (and looks better) than she ever has.

6. I wasn’t ready for it to end. That, I suppose, is the most telling point of them all. I was hoping she had a couple of more tunes in her arsenal.

Love or hate Madonna, I’m not sure how anyone could give a negative review of the halftime performance. Then again, you say potato and I say potato (wait, that doesn’t work in written form). Oh well, you know what I mean.


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