Theistic Evolution, Christianity, and Bruce Waltke

Bruce Waltke is a Reformed evangelical theologian who has written numerous books and commentaries as well as taught at several theological seminaries in his career.  Earlier this month Waltke was asked to resign from his position at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL allegedly because of his position that theistic evolution and Christianity are compatible.  Waltke has make a now famous statement that if we do not hold to theistic evolution that we make Christianity just another cult. 

Justin Taylor has linked to a very helpful, well written, and thought-provoking article by Carl Trueman who addresses the issue of whether or not Christianity is seen as a cult and if it even matters.  Below is an excerpt from the article as well a link to the read the whole post.

“The question of evolution is a tough one, but it is not to be
determined by whether rejection of it leads those who despise
Christianity as whole to regard us as a cult. That is an utterly
irrelevant point.  What I want to know is whether evolution is
consistent with biblical teaching, particularly Genesis 3, Romans 5 and
I Corinthian 15. Which form of evolution is it at which we are looking
(there being significant disagreements even within the scientific
community)? What about the scientific objections of men like Michael
Behe? And how come some people, with little or no scientific training,
and who spend their lives telling us how difficult it is to understand
messy, written texts – texts designed to, ahem, communicate in a
relatively direct fashion — seem to think that scientific data is
univocal, unequivocal, and perspicuous on this point? Funny how old
Enlightenment views of science can be found alive and well in the most
postmodern quarters, isn’t it?”

Read the entire article here

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