The Knowledge of God – Tim Keller

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have had the same conversation with 3 very different people.  One of these people is someone very personally close to my heart and on the other side of the spectrum, one of these people was a gentleman I met by “chance” in a local deli attached to a gas station. 

The topic of conversation eventually boiled down to the knowledge of God.  In each of these dialogues, all of which were irenic in nature, I appealed to the moral outrage we feel toward certain injustices that we know are wrong.  Our certainty of their wrongness is key.  It seems that those who wish to deny God are nevertheless living and thinking as if He exists. 

Then, a few days ago, I began reading through Tim Keller’s “The Reason for God.”  Thus far, it is the best argument against skepticism I have ever read; a full book review will be forthcoming.  When I read his chapter entitled “The Knowledge of God”, I was elated.  He writes with great clarity and intellect on the very subject I have found myself discussing quite a bit lately. 

After writing for permission to reprint the material, I have pieced together a PDF of the aforementioned chapter.  It is 9 pages long.  I invite you to read it carefully when you have time.  For those of you who are believers, it will edify your soul and provide you with a greater apologetic for God.  For those of you who do not believe, my hope is that you would at the very least find his argument interesting and worthy of thought.  This is but one of a powerhouse of chapters.  I apologize for the underlining and markings in the chapter, I am one who writes in my books.

Finally, I welcome comments of any kind, either on the site here itself or email me personally by clicking “contact” above.  I would like to hear how this chapter appealed or did not appeal to you.

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