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Here is a new blog for your consideration.  My brother-in-law has entered into the blogosphere; take a look when you get a chance.  The name of the blog is refreshing, he put some thought behind it.  At least it doesn’t have the word “musings” in it and it isn’t boring, like just his first and last name.  People who do that must have no creativity at all.

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  1. Thanks Phil I appreciate the nod. 🙂

    Yep no musings in the title. It was a tough choice between ‘Running From Couches’ and ‘I Drank What?’ but I decided that most people would not realize that I was quoting the immortal words of Socrates.

    Don’t come over looking for much in the way of religion. I wont say I will not post anything but with Phil as a potential reader I would be way too nervous to put my layman’s thoughts down. 😉

    Just thoughts on things happening in and around my life. Politics will probably be in there at some point as well as talking about my new passion of running. So much for only running when chased.

    So come on over, it wont always be deep but it might be entertaining.

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