Responding to Criticism in the Blogging World

I found this quote to be extraordinarily helpful.

From Carl Trueman:

“I have been asked by several people over recent years whether
Christians should respond if they are criticized or defamed on the web.
The answer is simple: for myself, I do not believe that it is
appropriate that I spend my time defending my name. My name is
nothing—who really cares about it? And I am not called to waste
precious hours and energy in fighting off every person with a laptop
who wants to have a pop at me. As a Christian, I am not meant to engage
in self-justification any more than self-promotion; I am called rather
to defend the name of Christ; and, to be honest, I have yet to see a
criticism of me, true or untrue, to which I could justifiably respond
on the grounds that it was Christ’s honour, and not simply my ego,
which was being damaged. I am called to spend my time in being a
husband, a father, a minister in my denomination, a member of my
church, a good friend to those around me, and a conscientious employee.
These things, these people, these locations and contexts, are to shape
my priorities and my allocation of time. Hitting back in anger at those
who, justly or unjustly, do not like me and for some reason think the
world needs to know what they think of me is no part of my God-given
vocation. God will look after my reputation if needs be; He has given
me other work to do.”

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  1. Philip,

    Thanks to you for posting your comments in reference to Responding to Criticism in the Blogging World. For me, working in the jail, Christ is put down there due to ego, misunderstanding, and non-education. Most in the jail know that I am a worship leader in our church and now limit their comments when “church” is announced in a module. Am I being looked down upon behind my back? I don’t know, but I do know that people DO know where my heart is. No need for me to defend my name; as you say, “…who really cares about it?” It’s Christ whom took the nails for me. I’ll stand and deliver, but more importantly, receive comments so as to engage in conversation with a non-believer. Thanks for your service in our church. See you Sunday!

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