Praying for a Great Commission Resurgence

Here is an email I received for being part of the prayer team for the Great Commission Resurgence.  If you are not already committed to pray for this task force and for the Great Commission to make a lasting return to our churches, you should consider doing that. 

Dear GCR Prayer Partners:

I want to thank you for your commitment to be a part of the GCR Prayer Team. As I am nearing the first meetings today and tomorrow, I am so grateful to know we are receiving your prayer support.

I am praying that at least 5,000 Christ-followers will become a part of this Prayer Team. This should be accomplished as we lead our churches to embrace the challenge. Please involve and challenge laypersons, ministers, and missionaries to join this prayer movement. The registration of their commitment online is very important, so please encourage them to do so.

This past Sunday, each person present in worship received a bookmark with the three major prayer requests listed on it as well as the website address. I mentioned it to our people and asked them to join us on this prayer team. This bookmark is available for you to download right now at All you have to do is download it and print it. This is a simple, illustrative way to get the word out and get people involved.

Finally, as we meet this week, please pray not only for the three major requests, but also pray for:

1. The Spirit of God to give us wisdom about the future as we meet together.

2. The Lord to build us into a unified team moving toward the common goal of our assignment, leading our convention to work faithfully and effectively to fulfill the Great Commission.

3. The Lord to begin to unfold His future for us and for Southern Baptists to embrace it completely.
In Christ,
Dr. Ronnie Floyd
Chairman, Great Commission Resurgence Task Force

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