Honors Ted Kennedy

My comments will be brief.  I am not old enough to fully appreciate the history of the man or the Kennedy legacy for that matter.  I will let others with far more knowledge and experience tell the story.  What I know is this:  Ted Kennedy is a legend, one of those American heroes who loved his country, loved his countrymen, and loved his family.  So for that we can confidently say, “Thank You.”

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  1. Indeed. Like his politics or not, even conservatives are acknowledging that he will likely go down in history as the single most effective legislator of the last half of the 20th century.

  2. I come from a very, very long line of democrats (I am not one, but don’t tell my aunts and uncles) My Aunt Mary is friends with Ethel kennedy and my father was a pool boy at the Hyannis Kennedy compound during the summers. My Aunt mary actually has a photo of my dad at the pool with Bobby and Jack lounging! All this said, although I am not a democrat I do have a huge affinity towards and respect for the family. Like us all there have been blessings and tragedy in their family, just more public! I am saddened to lose a man who gave his life to public service. My question is though..did he know Jesus? Did he seek to serve God?

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