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This is a letter I sent to my church members today in reference to the 2010 Week of Prayer for North American Missions and the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering.  I thought it was applicable to post here as well.

Dear brothers and sisters,

One of the most biblical and vital
aspects of local church ministry is the unity and partnership we work
toward with our sister churches, Baptist or otherwise, who are also
engaged in the cause to reach the lost for Christ.  A great benefit of
being a Southern Baptist church is that we get to enjoy that reality
with thousands of SBC churches around the world.  Allow me to provide
two current examples of how this can make a powerful impact for the
kingdom of Christ.

First, this week is set aside as the 2010 Week of Prayer for North
American Missions.  Believers all around the world will be lifting up
the names of specific North American missionaries who are able to serve
and win people for Christ because of the aid and assistance given by
the SBC.  Every day this week highlights a new missionary family. 
Colorado’s own Bill and Carol Lighty are included this year in the
prayer week.  For the weekly list of missionaries that you and your
family can pray for, simply click here.  You can also visit the FBCE Family Ministries website where I will be updating the list every day.  This is a great way for your family to have focused prayer time this week.

Second, During the season of Easter the SBC challenges churches
with what is called the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North
American Missions.  For many of you that name may not be familiar. 
Yet, this offering is a critical means by which over 5,500 North
American missionaries are able to continuing serving Christ on the
mission field.  The national goal for the AAEO this year is
$70,000,000!  Every cent of those monies goes to the continued support
of our missionaries, including almost $50,000,000 for salaries.  To
read more about the person Annie Armstrong and her legacy of inspiring
churches to support missions, click here.   

It is a great joy to serve with you here at FBCE and to serve with millions around the world. 

Many Blessings,
Pastor Philip 

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