My Super Bowl XLIII Thoughts

The Super Bowl has come and gone.  This year the event was held in Tampa, FL and featured the Pittsburgh Steelers against the Arizona Cardinals.  The Steelers are veterans to “Super Sunday.”  The Cardinals were rookies.  The Super Bowl is the most watched television broadcast in the United States. For the past 11 years, I have always been a part of a church event when watching the big game.  This year was different in a special way; because of weather I was home with my wife and baby girl.  It was terrific.  I made some mean chili con queso (which prompted another famous Philip Meade taste test, more to come in the days ahead on that one).

Anyway, here are a few thoughts from last Sunday’s big game:

1.  Hats off to Jennifer Hudson, the 27 year old academy award winner and singer who performed the national anthem before the game.  Hudson’s mother, brother, and nephew were tragically shot to death last October in Chicago.  This was a huge stage for her to make a public appearance and she was noticably nervous.  Nevertheless, she handled herself with grace, and despite the anthem being pre-recorded, she did a terrific job. 

2.  Is it just me, or did the last play of the game come and go rather abruptly?  Al Michaels, John Madden, me, and I think the rest of the country were waiting to get the official word conerning the fumble/incomplete pass.  Suddenly, Pittsburgh spiked the ball and the game was over.  The play should have come under official review, where I think it would have been ruled a fumble, and Pittsburgh would still be our world champions.  Nevertheless, I would have liked to see the play reviewed.

3.  Hats off to Kurt Warner, the Arizona quarterback who was all but counted out by fans and commentators alike.  Is he Hall of Fame worthy?  Here is one vote for yes.

4.  Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin has an uncanny resemblence to House star Omar Epps.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look below.  Oh, and hats off to Tomlin for being the youngest coach to win a Super Bowl.

5.  What was the funniest Super Bowl Commercial?  I’m not sure, but the commercial below, which was not first aired during the Super Bowl, is incredibly funny.  If you grew up in the 80’s, you will laugh at this for quite some time.

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