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Thanks for reading my first post on the new website.  The purpose of this site is simple; it is a way for me to have a centralized location for the things that interest me the most.  So, you can expect plenty of talk about theology, Baptist life, my family, my music, and some fun things along the way like theme parks and comic books.

A good bit of exciting stuff will be happening in 2009.  I will graduate from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.  My daughter will be doing all kinds of “firsts.”  I will be recording my first solo album which will be an acoustic/folksy record.  With the anticipation of a new year with new beginnings comes also the awareness that nothing is possible without the grace and mercy of God.  This website then is dedicated to rightly understanding who God is by rightly interpreting Holy Scripture.  But we will not stop there.  We will then press on to the next crucial question:  So What?

One final word concerning the format of the blog.  I welcome comments and encourage them.  However, due to the constraints on my schedule, I will sometimes not be able to respond in the detail I would like.  So although it would be great to engage in lengthy discussions concerning a difficult topic, more often than not I will need to let my original post speak for itself.  Lastly, if you had subscribed via rss feed or through email to my previous blog, you will need to re-subscribe using the links to the left.

I look forward to the sojourn that is before us.  May God be with us all.   


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  1. I can’t wait to hear your views on this book. It really revolutionized the way I view my relationship with God in all His forms (in such an amazingly positive way). If Christians would present their relationship with God to others in this way instead of their lists of dos and don’ts, spreading the Gospel would happen like wildfire!

    1. I hope to have a small publication of my thoughts concerning The Shack available for download soon. I’m glad to hear the book had a positive impact on you.

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