Lock-In and the Goodness of God

Here I am typing a quick post at 4:55 in the morning while leading a 30 hour Famine Lock-In.  We have had a great night; this is a great group of teenagers.  Most of them have suffered through 30 hours without food to be reminded of what so many children around the world are experiencing right now.  We get to eat in an hour.  We are excited about that!

When I leave the church at around 7:30 this morning, I will be driving home to my beautiful, God-fearing wife and my precious 4 month old baby girl.  Earlier in the week both Andi and I had a terrible case of the stomach bug.  Since we were unable to properly take care of Callie, my mother drove up from Nashville on the spur of the moment, leaving behind meetings and work.  What I’m driving at here is that I am blessed beyond words.  We all are.  I guess Phil Collins said it best; it’s just another day for you and me in paradise.  Maybe today we shouldn’t be too quick to forget it.  Because we will forget at some point today, we can count on that.  As a matter of fact, we may even feel entitled.  But our great God who gives so abundantly can just as quickly take it away.  And he would still be great.  

So, maybe today we can hang on a little while longer to our complete and total dependence on God and realize how good He is to us.  Want to join me today? 

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