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“. . .encourage one another and build one another up. . .”  1 Thessalonians 5:11

One of life’s simple truths that can be not-so-simple to learn is that accountability is an essential aspect of maturity in faith.  In fact, in virtually every area of life, whether it be a need to break an unhealthy habit or to embrace a positive change, we need friends who can walk alongside us. 

We also need a plan.  I love the line from the 1990 action movie “Dick Tracy” that says, “A man without a plan is not a man.” (the line is attributed to Nietzsche in the movie, although I have no idea if it really comes from him).  Without making plans to do something, we just won’t do it.  Things don’t happen by magic. 

So, I have decided to find a few people who are willing to embrace both of these things – 1) to hold each other accountable and 2) to have a plan.

Reading the Bible is one of those areas where we desperately need both accountability and a plan.  I need help and you need help.  Thus, I am looking for a few folks to join me in reading through a simple, easy Bible plan for 2012.  The plan incorporates readings from the Old and New Testament in a very manageable format.  I have created a Facebook Group page to help us connect with each other and encourage each other, as well as write insights the Lord has spoken to us while we read.  As we get started on January 1st, I suggest the following:

1.  Do not get frustrated if you fall behind.  Simply pick up the reading on the day you get back to it; do not feel pressure to read everything you have missed or feel like your involvement has failed. 

2.  Print the reading plan and check off the days as you go, perhaps on your refrigerator.  You can also have the daily readings sent to your mobile phone or email.

3.  You can view and print the plan we are using by clicking here.  If you prefer the email or phone route, let me know and I can get that to you.

4.  Are you ready to join me?  Click on the Facebook Group Page link and then click “Ask to Join Group” on the top right hand side of the page.  I will accept you and we will be on the journey together to read through Scripture.  I know the Lord will bless our efforts.         

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