Hell Under Fire

Hell Under Fire, released by Zondervan Press, is my favorite book addressing the issues of hell that have recently come back to a place of prominence in our churches.  Some 7 years before Rob Bell “shook the world” with his well-written book Love Wins, the pastors in this book were already addressing much of what is now so controversial.  Chapters include:

The Disappearance of Hell
The Old Testament on Hell
Jesus on Hell
Paul on Hell
The Revelation on Hell
Three Pictures of Hell
Three Vantage Points of Hell
Universalism:  Will Everyone Be Saved?
Annihilationism:  Will the Unsaved Be Punished Forever? 
Pastoral Theology:  The Preacher and Hell

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  1. The quality of argumentation and scholarship in this collection of essays is pretty low, which is more than a little disappointing considering the reputation of some of the contributors.

    I suggest Edward Fudge’s The Fire That Consumes. The third edition will be out in May, I believe.

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