God’s Plan for Sharing and the SBC

A few months ago I wrote a simple article asking questions about NAMB’s “GPS” Great Commission strategy and the emergence of the Great Commission Task Force after last year’s convention.  My questions were directed to how the two would work together or acknowledge the existence of the other.  Since that time I have been receiving email prayer updates from the GCR Task Force and have been reading more about the plans to implement NAMB’s GPS.  Thus far, neither has spoken of the other.

Today on Baptist Press there are two significant articles highlighting GPS.  NAMB is doing what it can to prepare churches to begin the strategy in 2010.  Nowhere is the task force mentioned.  Maybe that isn’t a big deal and both groups can do their own thing without the need to mention the other.  It just seems strange to me that when the call of the recently formed Task Force is to unify all Southern Baptist churches for the cause of the Great Commission, there is not any mention of a rather large organized movement within one the convention’s most prominent organizations.  Regardless, we should continue to pray for both groups and for the future of our denomination.   

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