God’s Heart for the Fatherless – Orphan Sunday

This coming Sunday, November 8th, First Baptist Church of Evergreen will be joining thousands of churches around the world to celebrate and understand God’s heart for the fatherless.  We have started a sermon series entitled “God Is. . .Connecting to the Knowable God” and I have the privilege of preaching this Sunday on the father-heart of God.  This corresponds perfectly with learning more about God’s priority for the fatherless and our earthly opportunity to reflect the story of the Gospel.  What is important to me is that this Sunday be not simply another “emphasis Sunday” where we make an emotional appeal and then pass an offering plate.  The priority is that we learn more about God, His character, His attributes, and that He leads us to understand more about how His father-heart can change our lives and the lives of orphans.  I prayerfully and excitedly await Sunday morning. 

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