Follow-Up – David Dockery

Just minutes after posting my article on David Platt’s assessment of the GCRTF final report, I received an email from Dr. David Dockery, president of Union University, who was also asked by the task force to write to the prayer partners of the GCR.  His article can be found here and is a very well written, sensible argument for a “both/and” approach to the final report.  Dockery writes in a similar way to my commentary on Platt’s article by warning us to avoid becoming unbalanced.  Notice what he says here:

“And, still others have created false dichotomies between faithful
service in one place versus gospel proclamation in a global context.
Such “either/or” framing has continued by some who have suggested that
we must elevate the Great Commandment over the Great Commission or the
Great Commission over the Great Commandment, thus creating unnecessary
choices between worship or missions, teaching or evangelism.
” (emphasis mine)

I commend his entire article to you.

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