Daily Bible Reading Aids

Are you engaged with a Bible reading plan this year? If so, you may find yourself wondering what some of the chapters are all about, especially those that deal with the Mosaic Law, etc. If you are like me, you would appreciate a basic chapter breakdown while reading, but are not looking for a verse-by-verse commentary that can get too in-depth and complicated. 

Here are two resources I recommend. The Bible Panorama is a wonderful book that takes each chapter in the Bible and summarizes its content in about 3 paragraphs. It isn’t a commentary as much as it is a breakdown of the chapter to help aid in understanding the narrative. Second, With the Word is a similar resource that also provides basic themes to be looking for within the chapters. Both are a great tool to have next to your Bible during your daily reading. The Bible Panorama is only available in hardback form, while With the Word is available in digital. Click the links below to purchase.

The Bible Panorama: Enjoying the whole Bible with a chapter-by-chapter guide

With The Word Bible Commentary (Bible Handbook)

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