I’m back.  The semester has come to a close and the insanity is at least somewhat subsided.  After finals week, my brother-in-law graduated from Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.  We all piled in the car to see his graduation.  I am rather proud of the guy and the trip was well worth the effort.  Not only did we get to enjoy the graduation, but our accomodations were 1st class and the dinner was not too shabby.  

On our way back home Andi and I took our time and stopped at a few places of interest.  The first was “Poplar Forest” which was the second home of president Andrew Jackson.  It was quite fun to tour the historic home and walking around with Callie strapped to my chest was incredibly amusing.  About 3/4 through the tour, she decided she was through learning about early 19th century home construction.  So, we headed for one of our favorite places. . . .


Yep, there it is.  The first picture (of many) of me and my girl at the famous World of Illusion in Gatlinburg, TN.  There is no question that I am the biggest World of Illusions fan in the universe.  Not sure why, but I love it.  Andi and I were blessed to have been provided a tremendous condo and we enjoyed two days in Gatlinburg.  Life is good my friends.

So, welcome back to my site.  I hope to have almost daily posts back up and running starting tomorrow.  There is much to discuss, so hang with me.


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  1. You are the king of the understatement. To call that dinner “not too shabby” is just, just, crazy! I want to drive back there just to eat again!

    Oh and thanks for being there brother. Meant a lot to me.

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