A Prayer from My Student

I think I will brag on one of my students, Jacob Roberts.  Jacob was asked to take care of the invocation for Baccalarueate this year at his high school; it was a great honor for him to be asked.  He understood the great importance of this task and below is a copy of the prayer he delivered.  I’m very proud of him and he has been a great student to love on and, hopefully, help along the way.  He wrote this completely on his own (understanding the Spirit’s guidance of course).  Jacob is very bright and the Lord will use him in great ways. 


We are assembled here today to commemorate and ask blessing upon a journey; one that has and will continue to shape us into who we are and, most importantly, who you want us to be.  First and foremost, we acknowledge your sovereignty.  We have the understanding that through You came all things.  And, we thank you for the opportunity to be a part of Your plan; the opportunity to be something great and righteous in your eyes.  I now ask for wisdom, direction, and perseverance.  I pray that we have the wisdom to make right decisions that are in accordance with Your will.  I pray that we maintain a close and personal relationship with You, so that we may not stray from your ever-loving presence.  Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, Lord.  And, I pray that we find refuge in You and persevere through whatever challenge is presented.  Father God, we love you and we desire your commands.  Help us and guide us through our hardships and our endeavors.  It is in Your son’s precious name that we pray.  Amen.

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