My Favorite Movies

Here is a list of my top 10 favorite movies as of February 18, 2014. A couple of items to note about the list:

  • The list is not genre specific. (which makes compiling it near impossible)
  • The list will fluctuate and evolve depending on my mood.
  • The list is based on my enjoyment of the film, not a critical assessment.
  • In the future I might provide commentary on each film, but for now this is just a list.

The List:

10.  Back to the Future Part 2
9.  Star Wars
8.  Unforgiven
7.  Tremors
6.  Hoosiers
5.  Psycho
4.  Heat
3.  Young Frankenstein
2.  Amadeus
1.  Halloween

*the latest change was Unforgiven making its way into the number 8 spot. I have been on somewhat of a western kick lately and this one remains one of the very best.

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