My Favorite Blogs

Here are a few of my favorite blogs.

A Certain Kind of Grace – This is my wife’s blog and she is a great inspiration. Her writing is much more beautiful and poetic than mine; I highly recommend it.

Between Two Worlds – Justin Taylor helps keep readers informed of helpful articles, videos, and new releases in the world of evangelicalism.

Challies – Want to read solid Christian book reviews from a trusted source? Then Challies is your man.

Albert Mohler – Regardless of your opinion of Al Mohler, his writing is brilliant and should be required reading for every Christian who is interested in the issues that matter.

Russell Moore – The President of the Southern Baptist Convention Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission is always a fascinating read.

Reformation21 – A group of writers encourage biblical thinking and cultural engagement.

On The Jericho Road – Michael Ruffin, a CBF pastor and supporter, provides helpful insight on a host of issues. He is also one of the pastors who has had a tremendous influence on me personally.

Church Matters – The blog of 9Marks and Mark Dever.

Andrew Fuller Center – Unless you love church history, stay away from this blog.


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