In Case You Missed It… (8/10/13)

Preach Christ From The Gospels – we have been hearing a good bit lately about preaching Christ in the Old Testament, which is good. But what about preaching Christ correctly in the New Testament?

Twelve Myths About Calvinism – pretty self-explanatory.

Are You Needed In The Church – don’t let giftedness be a road block to service, that is never the proper use of spiritual gifts. Rather, let all manner of service be done for God’s glory and your joy.

Only Two Kinds of Sermons – Gospel-centered or moralistic self-help? What is being preached at your church? If you are under preaching that is dominated by “5 easy steps” to accomplish goals, be cautioned.

The Bible’s Sufficiency and Counseling – is the Bible sufficient to provide every tool necessary for counseling? If so, what does that look like? This book has catapulted to the top of my reading list.


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