In Case You Missed It – 5/20/14

Here are links to a few interesting articles I have recently read:

On Francis Schaeffer – this year is the 30th anniversary of Francis Schaeffer’s death. Here is a quick synopsis of his life and legacy.

Transgender issues in Louisville public schools – this is the kind of issue every public school will eventually be dealing with.

8 ways to comfort the suffering – I appreciated the insight provided here for comforting those who suffer. I found #3 to be particularly interesting.

Dr. Moore’s letter to John Kerry – this letter to Secretary of State John Kerry uses language that many folks would think impossible for a Southern Baptist leader to express. And yet here it is.

10 things to hear from young church leaders – I would say Chuck Lawless gets these 10 things exactly right; I find myself in agreement with almost all of them and I hope my flock would affirm seeing these in the life our church.

The Gospel Coalition – TGC has a newly designed website that looks gorgeous. Take a look.

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