In Case You Missed It – 3/8/14

Here are some links of stories you might have missed this past week.

Governments That Criminalize Homosexuality – “Our ancestors were whipped, beaten, and exiled from Old England and from New England for refusing to sprinkle infants or to pay taxes for Anglican preaching. We ought then to be, of all groups, in support of limiting the power of government to see itself as a theological broker.”

9 Myths of Discipleship – Here are 9 reasons why you should be personally discipling someone by breaking down the myths that keep you from doing so (at Graefenburg Baptist Church, we encourage one-2-one Bible reading.)

Gibberish To Sound Out Languages – This is so incredibly cool for folks like me who enjoy language. This lady is speaking complete nonsense, not using real words – but you would never know it. Check it out.

Bill Simmons “The Sports Guy” & The WWE Network – Chances are you have no interest in the WWE Network. Well, I have loved wrestling since I was 8 years old and became a Hulkamaniac. Vince McMahon has unleashed a new way to experience wrestling and all 12 pay-per-views for a monthly fee of $9.95 called the WWE Network. Here is a pretty funny but helpful interview that has everything you need to know. (if you don’t know who Batista is, this article isn’t for you).

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