In Case You Missed It – 3/27/14

Here are a few interesting articles from the last week or two.

Coffee with facepalm Jesus – the current trend with internet memes concerning Jesus is their remarkable ability to know exactly what Jesus would say in a given conversation or context. Concerning “Coffee with Jesus”, the article says, “Wilkie is not only a good script writer but a person intent on actual ministry. But in spite of the more complex medium and the more skilled writer, some of the same limitations apply to the basic, underlying decision, which is to compose new dialogue for the character Jesus as a way of broadcasting your criticisms. And then when coffee Jesus gets the mic, he’s only interested in a fairly limited circle of things.

Recognize bad stats – have you ever been a little skeptical of certain stats you keep hearing about? Here are some ways to spot statistics that might be a bit off.

Ten thing to do during suffering – this list of ten things to do when suffering is helpful. Number 3 is especially helpful for me.

Amazon Prime Streaming Music – yes!! It appears Amazon is getting into the streaming music business to compete primarily with Spotify and Beats (Pandora is not quite the same and is actually incredibly lame compared to Spotify) (<—– that rhymed). 

U.S. intervention in Iraq = Russia’s invasion of Crimea? – President Obama says, “not so fast”.

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