In Case You Missed It – 3/13/14

Here are some interesting articles you might have missed this past week.

Start Binge Reading – I have a tendency to read books deliberately and slowly. Although that has its place, this article suggests we might ought to speed things up a bit in order to digest more books. I think these are some great points.

Awkward Silence in Small Groups – If you are a small group leader, here are a few tips to help eliminate that dreaded awkward silence during your lesson. 

Evangelicals & Lent – I had nearly finished an article similar to this (although not as well written, I’m sure) concerning Lent. Trevin provides some much needed balance here – I have been a bit surprised at some of the tweets and Facebook status updates from Baptists concerning Lent this year, some of which have been rather inappropriate. This is a good read. 

Time is a Strange Thing – Here are some facts that will blow your mind about the nature of time. 

Gambling in Kentucky – This article offers some important factors to consider concerning the push to legalize gambling in Kentucky.

Putt-Putt Perfection – I can’t get enough of this kind of thing. This short documentary has so much love and care put into it that you would think you were watching one of the most important sports documentaries of all time. Don’t miss this story of how a professional putt-putt player accomplished what has only happened 3 times in history.

Joshua Project – the website for this incredibly important ministry has been revamped and is worth a look. The Joshua Project is the most up to date resource for unreached people groups. 

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