In Case You Missed It – 3/1/2014

Here are some articles from this past week you might have missed:

Jesus & Tithing – “When we tithe, we should be thinking, ‘Well, this is for starters.  And I grow from here.”

End It – Christian efforts to raise awareness and end human trafficking is a gospel issue and we have faithful leaders guiding us. This article resonated with me.

Red Letter Nonsense – “The unity of Scripture also means we should be rid, once and for all, of this “red letter” nonsense, as if the words of Jesus are the really important verses in Scripture and carry more authority and are somehow more directly divine than other verses.” Or, in the case of making a defense for same-sex marriage by the lack of Jesus explicitly speaking against it (which isn’t true), we could add to this title the “Absence of Red Letter Nonsense.”

Harry Potter, Diagon Alley, and Universal Studios – If you want to know everything up to date on Universal Studios and their creation of Diagon Alley, this is the best resource.

Shine! Campaign – Dr. Paul Chitwood is calling on churches to come alongside Sunrise Children’s Services with a Shine! Campaign.



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