Happy 40th To My Friend.

James Aaron Hagy is one of the most important people in my life and has been for almost 30 years. We don’t see each other much these days, but that doesn’t impact the strength of our relationship or our love for one another. In honor of his 40th birthday today, here are 40 things I love about my friend. (Many if not most of these will not be understood by anyone but Aaron. But you might have fun reading them anyway!)

1. The circle.
2. The Boss.
3. Hank Galoop.
4. “You better spill your guts, or I blow ’em out of ya.”
5. “Yo, word up man, don’t forget, Dance City, everyday, 5 o’clock – Tuesday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday Friday!”
6. Matt Dalton’s truck.
7. In which we learned about DJ Magic Mike.
8. Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bass
9. That time we broke my dad’s back going through the Kingsport Mall Haunted House because we were hanging on to him.
10. Friday “All-Nite Bowling” at Warpath Lanes with me, you, Jason, and dad.
11. The three amigos. (I love you, Jason!)
12. Hagy, Get Outtt!
13. “WalMart has these shoe strings on sale for $6.99, what say ye?”
14. Christmas 1990 when I received a video camera as a present. Wow, that started a lot of crazy nights.
15. The Snot Thing.
16. Moral Thoughts.
17. “I just hope all you viewers keep tuning in!”
18. “It’s Aaron time!”
19. The FBI Guy.
20. Football in the front yard.
21. “I know what I want and it doesn’t include you, it has to do with someone who likes to sniff glue!”
22. Do you remember when we got locked inside Dobyns-Bennett right beside the Little Theater?
23. The Spot.
24. Canonball Plug.
25. Eternal Pit.
26. “This next song’s called Mouth For War…where’s George Gondo?”
27. TKO drum set.
28. Judah First – should I even begin to start listing our memories together?
29. Vandura.
30. Devil’s Dice album.
31. I love that you make me laugh so easily.
32. I love that we have never had a real fight.
33. I love that we were both depressed for days after Hogan was defeated by The Rock.
34. I love that we drove to Toronto in a bright yellow Mustang to see Hulk Hogan.
35. I love that you love your wife and family.
36. I love your singing voice and the way you use it to make much of Christ.
37. I love all those times in a dressing room waiting for the show to start.
38. I love the music we make together.
39. I love the letter you wrote me on the day of my wedding. (I still have it).
40. I love you.