A Quick Update On My Health

On Sunday morning, April 23rd, at approximately 3:00 am, I woke up to severe pain in my left ear. I had not been feeling well the week before and just assumed an ear infection was part of the problem. At 9:00 am, I was waiting for the doors to open at the Frankfort Urgent Care to receive a quick diagnosis and hopefully some treatment before worship began. The doctor described a “pretty messy looking” ear and gave me a shot of antibiotics along with a Zpack.

I followed up with my primary care doctor on Monday afternoon who immediately referred me to an ENT. Tuesday morning I awoke with severe vertigo and nausea. On Tuesday afternoon I was at the Community ENT seeing Dr. Hawkins, who I very much appreciate. He told me I have a condition called Labyrinthitis – a nasty middle ear infection had spread to my inner ear causing inflammation. He let me know at that first meeting that he was concerned for my hearing and that the recovery process would be slow. I was sent home with steroids, a stronger antibiotic, nausea and pain medication.

The next couple of days were spent sleeping and watching Bob Ross. Any head movement at all led to either vomiting or extreme motion sickness. The ear pain was manageable at this point.

Today, Friday the 28th, I returned to Dr. Hawkins. After a hearing test, he performed a treatment option called Intratympanic Dexamethasone which consists of pumping a high concentration of steroids into the inner ear. He also prescribed ear drops that contain a combination of antibiotics and steroids; he is calling this the “full court press” to restore some of my hearing. Dr. Hawkins told me this was the worst case of Labyrinthitis he has seen in 25 years. He does not expect my hearing to return in my left ear…unless there was “divine intervention” (he knows I am a pastor).

So, that is where I am. I have another follow-up visit next Wednesday to receive another hearing test and to check on the condition of the ear. The vertigo could last for “a couple of weeks to a couple of months.” Let’s pray it is the former.

My blessed wife has never left my side and has been a continual reminder of God’s grace to me. My children have been so patient; I’m so proud of them. And my family and friends have been praying without ceasing. Thank you so much for the many calls, texts, and messages. I apologize that I cannot get back to you sooner, but I am usually asleep or have my phone away from me.

The joy of the Lord remains with The Meade 5. Pray for patience as I just want to be able to get back to my work and to my family. Thank you, again, for the incredible love.

Colossians 3:3