38 Random Things That Come To Mind

I’m 38 years old today and I thought it would be fun to jot down 38 random things that come to mind. I am doing this very quickly with no preparation. Just 38 things that come to mind while I’m typing. Here we go…

1. God is bigger than I think he is.
2. And He never breaks promises.
3. Without the Church, my life would not exist as I know it.
4. Without my family, my life would not exist as I know it.
5. I cling to every word of advice my father ever gave me. I miss him.
6. The prayers of my mom are a big reason I’m still alive.
7. I’m not smart enough.
8. I’m not strong enough.
9. I’m not brave enough.
10. I’m not enough.
11. Christ is enough.
12. My brother and I think a lot alike…to be so incredibly different.
13. Hulkamania will always run wild.
14. 1.21 gigawatts is equivalent to a bolt of lightning.
15. Heavy metal and Bach are different sides of the same coin.
16. God’s protection is sometimes very, very painful.
17. But it’s worth it.
18. I don’t understand marriage if I don’t understand Ephesians 5.
19. The great enemy of marriage is selfishness.
20. The Rev. Bobby Russell, pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Kingsport, TN, was one of the best preachers to ever live.
21. Don’t sing “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” in Sunday morning worship.
22. 11 is “one louder.”
23. We all go a little mad sometimes.
24. You can’t kill the boogeyman.
25. Sarabi is Simba’s mom and has one of the coolest names ever.
26. Rhonda’s Special is special.
27. Kingsport, TN is a good place to live.
28. So is Graefenburg.
29. People assume that people like Andi Meade don’t really exist. But she does.
30. And she’s mine. And I’m hers.
31. Read 16, 17, 29, and 30 in order.
32. My sister believes in me.
33. When you see a laser pointer on the ground in Gatlinburg, you just keep walking.
34.  Not everyone is going to like me. I won’t like everyone.
35. The greatest textbook for understanding God’s love is holding your new baby.
36. Callie Grace, Justus, and Eli strengthened my theology.
37. I just can’t get enough of Andi Meade.
38. God is bigger than I think he is.

3 Replies to “38 Random Things That Come To Mind”

  1. This is great, my brother. Happy Birthday. I will shamelessly steal your idea when my birthday come around only my list will have to be about a thousand times longer.

  2. I thought it would be fun to make my own personal 38 random things that come to mind concerning my friend, Philip Meade. I am also doing this very quickly with no preparation. Here we go……

    1- He is my best friend
    2- He invented and perfected “The Lowman”
    3- He is a 100% pure breed Rawkstar!
    4- He is a natural leader
    5- He is a Ridgefields Hoop Star!
    6- He knows “The Drain”
    7- He knows “Bob Freedman”
    8- More importantly he knows “Hank Galoop”
    9- He has owned a set of “TKO’s”
    10-He is Honest and Trustworthy
    11- He drove a Chevy Nova
    12- He is in Love with his family
    13- He is sold out to Christ!
    14- He is familiar with a Vandura
    15- He knows what “KLJ” means
    16- He could easily blackmail me
    17- He Is a father
    18- He always makes me laugh, every time we talk
    19- He Is a husband
    20- He has been to Dance City
    21- He Is a brother
    22- He still believes in “Hulkamania”
    23- He Is an uncle
    24- He made our trips to WM memorable
    25- He Is a Pastor
    26- His Harley Boots have his name on them
    27- He Is a legend
    28- He can drive a uhaul cross country
    29- He is an unbelievable song writer
    30- He Prays
    31- I believe God hears him
    32- He has a top 5 for everything (I’m in a few of them)
    33- He knows the bass line to DJ Magic Mike “Yo Mike”
    34- He is someone I can always depend on
    35- He really knows me
    36- And yet, he is still my friend
    37- He lives to far away
    38- He is STILL my best friend…BHEEEEAARR!!

  3. Scott – I look forward to reading your list one day. Blessings!

    JA – You made me laugh and cry my friend. Love you.

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