In Case You Missed It…

Here are a few articles you might enjoy.

How To Keep Millennials – Brett McCracken offers a fair and thought-provoking assessment of Evan’s popular article on Millennials leaving the church.

How To Be Ultra-Organized – I’m a sucker for infographics and this one is fun. Pay no attention to the now defunct Google Reader portion.

Top 10 Best Console names – This article is worth it for his #3 pick. I couldn’t agree more.

Top 5 “Hidden Mickey’s” at Islands of Adventure – I might have a problem with his use of the phrase “Hidden Mickey’s” but this is an enjoyable piece.

Who Am I To Judge? – Did the Pope really change the position of the Catholic Church in one statement during a press conference?

The Wrath of God in Hymns – Why would we ever want to sing about the wrath of God? Good article here.



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