Church, No Matter How You Vote, I Love You.

Tuesday is election day. Millions of Americans will cast their vote (along with millions who have already participated in early voting) for the next President of the United States. It is an important day. It is a day all Christians should take seriously.

Some conservative pastors have come under fire from their own camp for suggesting that a person can still be a faithful Christian regardless of the way they vote. On the other hand, some pastors are strongly encouraging their flock to vote for a particular candidate. I have even seen some (not many) Christians wonder out loud if voting the “wrong way” should be a matter of church discipline.

For the flock I pastor known as Graefenburg Baptist Church, here is what I want you to know: Whether you vote for Donald Trump, Joe Biden, or a third-party candidate, I will still be your pastor, and it will still be an honor to be so. With all my heart and mind and soul, I will pastor you to the best ability God gives me. I will love you and I won’t think more or less of you based on your vote.

I do not mean to insinuate that your vote isn’t important. It is. Your vote should be cast only after careful biblical reflection and earnest prayer. You should not (must not!) violate your conscience. The gospel that saves us is the gospel that shapes us, and nothing is excluded from its transformative power – including the way we vote in a presidential election.

The work God is doing at GBC is overwhelming. Our unified hearts and minds for the mission of the gospel is inspirational. Based on God’s goodness to our flock, we are engaging in exciting conversations about our future. The mission of transforming lives in Jesus marches on!

So, let’s not make the mistake of thinking our vote on Tuesday is inconsequential. But let’s also not make the mistake of thinking our vote means more than it does. I’ll see you on Wednesday evening, and together we will continue to glorify God alone by transforming lives in Jesus in order to love more and serve more.

Soli Deo Gloria!