Resources for the New Year

Below you will find a collection of articles that I have found to be helpful for thinking about the upcoming New Year. May God be glorified by his church in 2020.

2020 Reading Plans
Ligonier has compiled a nice list of reading plans. With several options available, there should be something for everyone.

New Year’s Resolutions
Should we make resolutions? Russell Moore provides his thoughts on why they can be good things for Christians.

How do we make biblical resolutions? Bethany McIlrath provides guidance in this helpful article.

What’s the key to keeping our resolutions? Last year I suggested a single essential element for resolution keeping in this article.

Practical Books to Start the New Year
Matt Perman has two excellent books on productivity in light of the gospel. You can find those here and here.

Tim Challies has written a book on productivity that was derived from a series of blog posts. It is simple, practical, and easily implemented.

My good friend Jerry Bridges has a book called The Discipline of Grace that explores God’s role and our role in pursuing holiness. A great New Year read.

Donald Whitney’s classic Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life is still a must-read and perfect for welcoming a New Year.

Blessings to you and your family in 2020!